My name is Jaime

This is my face

This is my face

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Just your every day software integration engineer with a laser engineering degree transplanted from Boston to San Diego dreaming about dinner. I used to be a laser engineer in San Jose, but we moved to San Diego and I got a job as a technical writer because lasers are far less interesting than the movies would have you believe, and then left that nonsense behind and became a software integration engineer. I am a Cancer with a Gemini moon, whatever that means, and I am definitely a Ravenclaw, though I'm becoming more of a Hufflepuff as I get older. I can say "Where is my pizza?" in 52 languages. My favorite thing to eat is the biggest thing on the menu. My favorite emoji is the one where the face is laughing but also sweating because it is embarrassed. In my spare time, I try and fail at teaching myself Chinese or come up with new pizza topping combinations. But this isn't a dating profile, so here's some history:

I fell in love with food at a young age eating my grandma's sauce and pasta and cookies. My middle years were all school and no fun, but in college, I met a girl I liked and decided that I needed to learn how to cook. Why cooking? Probably because it was the cheapest way for me to show someone I cared about them - Make them a nice dinner and give them a nice relaxing evening amid the constant stress of college life and away from the bitter chill of upstate New York winters. I quickly developed a strong attachment to the girl as well as the kitchen. Obviously meals have always filled me with a profound sense of comfort, but I soon began getting excited about individual ingredients as well. Herbs raw from a garden, freshly butchered meat, sun ripened tomatoes. And then there is the process. Watching a curd thicken, stirring fresh greens into a soup, smelling garlic as it is added to hot oil, setting fire to an alcoholic reduction like a friggin' pro, simmering a sauce for hours; it was all so alluring. Eventually, I married the girl and we bought a house with a proper kitchen. Now, I spend my days tasting as I go and giving the finished product (after taking about a thousand pictures of it, obviously) to my wife or our friends under the California sun. 

My cooking style varies, but lately I have been doing a lot of gluten-free baking for my gluten-intolerant wife, who is getting her PhD and has no time for feeding herself.  But what I cook and what I like to eat often doesn't match; I basically don't feel like I've eaten anything at all if it wasn't pumped full of, smothered in, or made at least 90% out of butter, but we can't all eat fried croissants with cheese and salted butter for every meal (if that even exists), so I will be making more crowd-pleasing foods in this blog. If things get too healthy, let me know and I'll just up my dose of cholesterol medicine.

I take all of my photos myself with a Nikon D5100 that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas six years ago. 

If you want me to cook with some specific product, go to my Contact page and tell me!